The Sage, Gateshead

Arts Organisational Development

In 2009 Arts Council England commissioned us to work with TSG under Sustain. Following this, TSG asked us to carry out a full business model review – identifying key elements of the business model and potential to improve them; developing new financial modelling structures; exploring how TSG could build on its relationship with its audience; redesigning the marketing function; identifying new and innovative products and ensuring that the analysis was informed by Board input.

A new approach to innovation and business development was key. We recognised that TSG is very good at developing new approaches/products, but poorer at innovating – moving new ideas sustainably to market. We developed an Innovation Unit, means of investing internally in R&D or prototyping, and a diagnostic toolkit for the organisation to use to see which products and services had new, or growth, potential. In its first year, this unit secured investments of more than £1m.

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