Devonshire Park

Building projects

Our work on the proposed redevelopment of Devonshire Park in Eastbourne has shown how the site can be more economically viable and the successful case for investment was supported by detailed analysis of the baseline value to the local economy of the site now and forecasts of its impact after redevelopment. We worked closely with the representatives of the hotel and hospitality industries and with a panel of conference businesses to define facilities where the essential cultural activity of theatre, music, heritage and art would be supported by, and generate, business in conference and visitor attraction markets. Having analysed the baseline economic impact of the current operation, using site-specific visitor data, evidence from the business community and accepted multipliers, we were then able to present forecasts of potential future impact across various options for development. Part of making the successful case for local investment of the £35m was in convincing the business community through presentations and detailed accounts of the potential of the site to drive regeneration and prosperity in the town.

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